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  1. Hi xianhuaxia, The updated rates will be available when the CRA has the information for 2020. Until then we recommend that you wait for the next program's update .
  2. Hi Julius Sy, please try this: 1. Click the following link to begin the download of UFile for Windows: https://www.ufile.ca/download 2. Click on "Download your 2020 version of UFile for Windows". 3. Save the file to your desktop. 4. From your desktop, run the file "UFile2020.exe" to install the program.
  3. Hi websters111, do you have the CRA's confirmation number on page 5 "Netfile" for the original submission?
  4. Hi Charlie, we apologize for the delay, an email has been sent to you to reset your password.
  5. Hi jbar, an email has been sent to you about your request.
  6. Hi Mike999, an email with the password reset link has been sent to you.
  7. Hi Curious2, To report the 2018 amounts, follow these steps: 1. Open UFile 2018. 2. Save the tax return in PDF format. 3. Save the 2018 data file by clicking on the floppy disk icon. 4. Close UFile 2018. 5. Open UFile 2019. 6. Import the file from 2018 to 2019.
  8. Hi techgeek22, To carry over these losses using the 2019 program, please follow these steps: 1-On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup". 2-On the page appearing on the right, go to the group "Carryforward amounts and prior year information", check the box "Losses of prior years, carrybacks". Click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3- Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Losses of prior years and carrybacks". 4-On the screen generated on your right, go to the "Losses of other years" group and choose the line "Net capit
  9. No you don't have to wait for the NOA to refile
  10. Hi alanhk66, if you tax return was successfully submitted, please go to "NetFile" tab. Click on "Federal submission" section. On the bottom of the page, click "Re-FILE". NOTE: A new page "CRA ReFile" will appear in the left menu of the "Interview" tab. -Select the section from the Left-side menu, then click "Federal ReFILE Mode". Make the modification that you want. -Click "Review" tab, then click "NETFILE" tab. (attach refile 4) -Tick the box "I agree with the ReFILE Terms and Conditions and Private Notice". Click "ReFILE my return now!".
  11. Hi PennyS, You must choose the appropriate page entitled "T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity and other income", go to line "Other information " located in the middle of the page and click on the rectangle. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose the option "(109) Periodic payments from an unregistered plan" and enter the amount shown on your T4A slip.
  12. Hi Marianne, you have to enter the number of months of full-time studies on the T2202 to remove the CWB.
  13. Hi Voja, he must report the rental income (T776) and enter the percentage of his share and report the sale according to the amount he received. You and your spouse must also report that income and change the percentage of ownership.
  14. Hi TYJKHW, Unfortunately, UFile does not support the preparation of final returns of a couple who died in the same tax year. There are other operations required for the calculations which the program does not support. We recommend that you seek the advice of a tax professional on how to prepare their tax returns.
  15. Hi you, you will still receive a NOA (paper version) later even if you are not registered with "My account". If you have your confirmation number, it means that is has been accepted by CRA. You can contact the CRA if you want to be sure.
  16. Hi Moe26, on the online version, you have to create a new account for the parent to do the tax return separately. So on ufile.ca, click on "Create new" and follow the instructions.
  17. Hi GTA user, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca .
  18. Hi Patrycja, it won't generate a provincial return because of the emigration. Just make sure that to the line "Province of residence on December 31st 2019" you choose from the drop-down menu the province that you lived in when you left Canada.
  19. Hi PatrickGain, you have to activate the Refile mode first. Go to "Netfile" and click on "Federal submission" then all the way down the page, click on "CRA Refile" and then make the changes on step 2 "Interview". Comme back to step 5 "Netfile" to refile. If you've already changed the data before activating the Refile mode, you will have to wait for the Notice of Assessment before sending an amended tax return.
  20. Hi Ramanjeet Kaur, the date of entry is not required for the 2019 tax return because the immigration occured before 2019. If it is your first tax return in Canada, we suggest you to contact the Canada Revenue Agency for some guidance.
  21. Hi A S H, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca to help you understand what happened.
  22. Hi Rakko, According to the error code: T828 The first and last name of the taxpayer or legal representative who signed the form must be provided in the "Name in block letters" area in part 6 of the form. If the taxpayer has signed the form, the name in the "Print name" field must correspond to the first and last name of the taxpayer indicated in part 1. Only alphabetic characters and punctuation, such as hyphens, apostrophes and points will be accepted. Any other character cannot be transmitted.
  23. Hi Hank, the last step in only visible to the Ufile PRO users. It's ok if you don't see it.
  24. Hi Patrycja, you enter the Full information and according to the date of emigration the system will calculate the amounts while you were resident of Canada.
  25. Hi Canadaman, we suggest you to contact the Canada Revenue Agency to check if they've received that tax return.
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