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  1. Hi Laurie Dunn, you have to enter both amounts on one T4 since they are from the same employer. So add up the amounts from the second one to the first one (January-november).
  2. Hi pappa, in your case Ufile will apply the carried forward loss of 2009 on the gain from 2013 and so on. But for the loss of 2019, if you wish to apply it on the previous years gain (if available) you will have to do an adjustment on 2015 or/and 2018 year to include the loss. Otherwise, the 2019 loss will be automatically carried forward to next year. For more information, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency.
  3. Hi Kendra, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca to explain why you cannot submit electronically.
  4. Hi Coq, to reinitialize your password, we suggest that you contact Ufile support or email us at support@ufile.ca
  5. Hi mmrv, we suggest that you contact our support team at support@ufile.ca .
  6. Hi FrankW, You can use the program to make an adjustment to a tax return that has already been filed. Make sure you have received your notice of assessment before asking for changes to your return. NOTE: We recommend that you keep your previously filed tax return and prepare separately an amended tax return based on the changes you make. Print this amended tax return and compare it with your original tax return. Take note of the line numbers that are affected, as you will need them when completing your adjustment request. To do so, please follow these steps: 1- In the "Left-side me
  7. Hi theycallmejosh, The employer must complete the form "Declaration of conditions of employment", namely federal form T2200 as well as form TP-64.3 for Quebec residents, so that the employee can deduct the employment expenses from his income. The employee does not have to file this form with his tax return. However, he must keep it in his files in order to provide it upon request. The employee must also enter in the program all the information contained in this form, so that the program can generate federal form T777 federal - and Quebec form TP-59 for Quebec residents - and carry ov
  8. Nawal

    Medical Expenses

    Hi JHM, You can claim only eligible medical expenses on your tax return if you, or your spouse or common-law partner paid for the medical expenses in any 12-month period ending in 2019 and/or did not claim them in 2018.
  9. Hi zoeg, due to the particularity of the request, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca .
  10. Hi LaraAz, here is the download link for 2019 https://www.ufile.ca/download .
  11. Hi zoeg , a new component is introduced as of the 2018 taxation year, for an individual who resides in Quebec at the end of a given year (or, if they die in the year, on the date of their death), who may be entitled to a refundable credit of up to $533 for each person who, during the individual's minimum support period of this person for the year, is an eligible relative of the individual. However, an individual cannot benefit from this tax credit if he/she is depending on another person for the given year. In addition, no amount will be granted under this new component of the adult
  12. Hi marcisandow@gmail.com, you need to have your previous years files on your computer (eg xx.u17 or xx.u18) and then you can open them in the appropriate years of the software. Ufile don't have access to the tax returns due to confidentiality reasons.
  13. Hi ujay, due to the particularity of your request, we suggest that you contact our support team at support@ufile.ca .
  14. Hi gladi_6, here is the link to download the software of 2019 https://www.ufile.ca/download .
  15. Hi mlconde, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca about your request.
  16. Hi abelc, to do so, You open your xxx.u18 file in Ufile 2018, you go to step 4 and save in pdf, and also save the xxx.u18 file (even if there has been no modification). You then close the 2018 Ufile software and open the 2019 software. Then you import the xxx.u18 file to start your 2019 tax return.
  17. Hi ujay, It is recommended to follow the steps below and redo the carry-forward of your file from 2018 to 2019 to ensure you have the right opening balances of the undepreciated capital cost for your depreciable property and any other missing carry-forward information: 1- Update your UFile 2019 software if you haven't done so. 2- Carry forward your UFile tax file again from 2018 to 2019. 3- If you have already entered data in your 2019 file, you must enter it again. Note: Updating the software is not enough to solve the problem. It is necessary to carry forward the file aga
  18. Hi rhinoguy82, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca
  19. Hi DaveinOTTAWA, If you are self-employed and need to report expenses for a vehicle in connection with the operation of your business, to enter your expenses, please follow this procedure: 1. On the "Left-side menu on the interview tab", select "Interview setup". 2. On the screen to your right, go to the "Self-employment" group, check the box "Self-employment business income" and then click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" select "Self-employment income", and on the page to your right choose the option that correspond
  20. Hello jessie, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile support group at Support@ufile.ca
  21. Hi Karen Pan, the dependent will have to report his informations manually to an independent file
  22. Hi Ivy578, Given the particularity of your situation, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile support group at Support@ufile.ca
  23. Hi Aisling14, You have received a T4A for consultation, so you must complete the business section in the software even if you do not have one depending on the box in which the amount on your T4A is located. We suggest you contact Ufile's technical support for the appropriate procedure to your situation.
  24. Hi derenzis, If you move to a new job you must report T4 income or employment income. If you move to university you must report a T4A scholarship income. For moving expenses you must report net income since the move (the bottom line of the form in UFile, scroll down to see it). You may be eligible to claim moving expenses if, during the tax year, you moved to be at least 40 km closer to your new job or place of business. Expenses are claimed against income earned from this new employment. Please only complete the lines that are applicable to your situation, do not put zeroes everywhere. The a
  25. Hi Toronto, You do not enter the Box 50 to UFile, it is on the T4 for the CRA's copy. Please turn the document over, it should say on the reverse side for Box 50 do not enter to your personal taxes
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