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  1. Reaon is probably becasue CRA has deleted my late wife's account. I cannot understand thsi becasue I still have to do 2020 tax, so CRA should leave it as it is until I completed her final return. Then it this is compeleted and accepted by CRA, CRA can do the deletion. or locked this for 2-3 years. But why is CRA in such a hurry to delete the account?
  2. There is no menu/box for FINAL RETURN. Cannot do that. I have to abandon UFile since it is not respoding to this special occasion in 2020.
  3. Hi TheTaxSmith: Thank you for your reply. I tried everything until there is no error message and the ufile tax return refused to calculate my taxes. After several days I give up and visit H&R Block. Regretfully when your spouse passed away, the uFile is not the best way to do your tax return. I have to ask H&R Block do both for me and my late wife's return, since UFile cannot do the Tax Returns. What I need now is step by step instruction on how to return to UFile in 2022 for the 2021 Tax Return: 1. how do I get the CNIL and all those accumulated/carry over numbers? What carry over numbers need to be manually inputted into my 2021 tax forms? 2. since I have no 2020 data, any other additional steps? Let me know if UFile will be unable to do this type of tax return
  4. I reported to Govt of Canada CPP and OAS that my wife passed away 2020 about 2 weeks after. When I login to my CRA account, everything intact. My wife CRA account however are no more. Deleted by CRA. So in my own UFile entry for 2020, I entered my status as widowed and autofill my tax forms. Work slowly until there is no error. Do not fill in my wife's UFile forms since I read that this must be done manually through paper forms. However despite there is no error, I cannot perfomr the calculations for my tax. There is way for me to fill in my wife's forms that she has passed away, the "Interview" part on this was NOT present when I tried to change her status - only marital status is available. But this is not needed. I want to fill in that her tax will be manually submitted and this is the last tax submission, but UFile does not give me the option to do these. Please advise on what to do. Do I have also to go manual for 2020? Thank you
  5. Thanks. I already submit my adjustment request to CRA through "My Account" at CRA website. I need to wait to get the approval though. My question is once I get the approval, what shoudl I do: 1. Delete the 2019 file that I have filled in halfway? 2. Create New 2019 File and adjust the Carry Over Capital Gain to adjust to the error I made in 2018? 3. do I need to REFILE 2018? - probably not since I already asked for adjustment and there is no impact to Tax payment lines Please advice
  6. I have been using Ufile in the last 10 years or so, using UFile online since about 5 years ago. This is my first question in this forum. Early this week I login to my UFILE 2019 Online based tax prep. I noticed a very large negative carry forward in TCG (capital gain) of over -$250,000 but I just continue filling in my tax return. Days later I found out that I made a typing error in my 2018 tax year entry in one of the T5008 form (selling of a share), I keyed in an amount of 100x the actual cost based, instead of 5,141.99 I keyed in 514,199.00. Yesterday I called CRA to ask for support and was told to just changed the amount of a line number (forgot whether it is line 120 or 150).... and submit this to CRA and wait about 10 days for CRA assessment. My question: if my submission is accepted: what should I do? 1. redo NETFILE for 2019? or Refile? Or no need to do this since CRA will already corrected my T5008 error? 2. delete my 2019 partly filled file 3. create a new 2019 file - to fill in all from scratch except those carry forwards info Please advice
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