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  1. Hello, I have some queries on how to fill in the RL-10 FTQ form. I have contributed from march 2019 to feb 2020 but i have over contributed. My total contribution limit is 4410 but i have contributed 3650 in 2019 and 1250 for period jan to feb 2020. Questions: 1) Do i fill in 2 forms for RL-10 - FTQ under 'Other information slips' section. One for march-dec 2019 and one for 'first 60 days 2020'? 2) I have filled in the box A and B in first section of 'RL-10 - FTQ' for both FL-10 - FTQ forms but i don't understand how to fill in this section 'RRSP'>'Amount of c
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