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  1. I am also getting an internal server timeout issue. Very frustrating to deal with at the moment.
  2. Enter course and exam fees as tuition fees. The membership fees might be eligible as professional fees, union dues not on a T-slip. Textbook costs are not deductible.
  3. You cannot ReFILE a return when you want to change split pension amounts, as this is specifically mentioned by CRA as an exclusion.
  4. Have you checked the page - Ontario Trillium Benefit p.1/p.2? It is separate from the refund and provincial ON479.
  5. You can put a middle name or first name and indicate they are a first-time filer or indicate a surname change. It is commonly seen on people with last name Kaur or Singh. For example, for Name: "Ramandeep Kaur", use "Ramandeep" for first name and "Kaur" for last. Or, try "Ramandeep Kaur" for first name and "Kaur" for last name. It can be done via EFILE, but it may not work for NETFILE. Unfortunately CRA cannot assist with this name issue, as a return needs to be filed for them to find any information.
  6. Did you enter their T2202 slip?
  7. It is hidden in controls section of the dependent, in between: Prior CPP election and Schedule 14 - Climate action incentive It should say: Claim this dependant as the eligible dependant on federal line 30400?
  8. Did you provide an answer to: First Name Last Name Title of the guardian or legal representative - Other and enter something under the description for the Guardian or legal representative? Those fields are required.
  9. Remove the C/O in the name field and put the Legal Representative's name on the "Care of" Line. CRA rejects the return if you put C/O in the identification field. You should put the name of the legal representative in the address section. Ufile will then automatically add the C/O where it is required.
  10. Yes, these would be claimable. Just make sure you have the document (confirmation) in case CRA needs to verify it.
  11. In RRSP section, enter '0' for amount to claim. By default, Ufile will claim all if left blank.
  12. 12-month period In this example, the taxpayers can claim eligible medical expenses for any 12-month period ending in 2019, provided the expenses were not previously claimed. When claiming expenses for other dependants, it is important to use the same 12‑month period. For example, an individual can choose to claim medical expenses paid within the period from January 2019 to December 2019. In general, medical expenses can be claimed in any 12‑month period ending in the tax year you’re filing for. Alternatively, it is acceptable to claim for the period of July 2018 t
  13. Thank you for correcting my incorrect assumption regarding the claims of non-refundable tax credits. I incorrectly assumed that Schedule 2 transfers would still be allowed except the spousal (equivalent to dependent) tax credit. Now I understand why you are trying to do what you did. If your mom or dad (works for both - see * below) is set up as the family head, then see the following screenshot below*: -removed screenshot due to attachment size limitations- *This method only works if you process each parent as a separate file; i.e. Taxfilemom.u19 and TaxfileDad.u19 - the forced
  14. Thanks for that update, I appreciate knowing that I did give the correct advice. Most of the time I don't get the confirmation that I was correct, and I would hate to give out bad advice...although I should have suggested contacting Revenu Quebec in hindsight; Quebec returns are not my area of expertise. Your post is very helpful!
  15. I Can I ask why are we attempting to suppress these lines? The answer to your question is that we can do a "Net Income only" return for the spouse. Then you would specify that the husband would not be claiming Schedule 2 Transfers. See the picture below: On the next page, you will see at the end of the page an option to claim Schedule 2 Transfers. The default is "no". However, I suggest that the S2 transfers (excluding Spousal amount, caregiver amount and Disability amount) still be claimed, unless there is a good reason not to claim them.
  16. It is definitely unusual, I would suggest comparing the actual deductions on your paystubs and see if they reflect an amount from the T4/RL-1 or amounts in your letter. You could play it safe and use the lower amount. Depending on your income, the medical may be irrelevant to your situation.
  17. In the controls section: With regards to the DTC transfer, in the Disability section, select "Do not Claim". DTC transfers are not reported on the transferer's return; it is reported on the transferee's return. The net effect below will have the result you need. On another note, I am quite impressed that you are aware of the claim rules. Most people actually end up claiming these amounts incorrectly. Your analysis is correct.
  18. You need to answer yes to the question highlighted above.
  19. The amounts on the Releve 1 box J is used to determine your allowable medical expenses to be claimed. You should use in Box J the amount in the letter. It will be correctly reported as medical expenses on the QC return. https://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/businesses/source-deductions-and-employer-contributions/calculation-of-source-deductions-and-employer-contributions-in-certain-situations/special-rules-concerning-type-of-remuneration/taxable-benefits/list-of-taxable-benefits/contributions-or-premiums-paid-to-insurance-plans/contributions-to-a-group-insurance-plan-including-a-health-servic
  20. Correct. Once you add it, check if the tax return executive summary match up with CRA's Notice of assessment. Ufile will automatically recalculate the tax return. If the amounts are off by $1, it will be due to rounding issues. Ufile might go into REFILE mode, but add the T5 as normal. Just don't REFILE it.
  21. If you add the missing income (if it corresponds with an unreported t-slip), the amounts calculated should reflect almost all the changes in the corresponding lines.
  22. You are correct in its assumptions. You can set it up for calculation purposes (for the caregiver credits), but keep in mind that if someone claims the spousal amount for him or an eligible dependent, your claim will be disallowed.
  23. 1. Your wife is receiving the CCC because you did not assign it to yourself, the "Family Head". 2. In the controls section for the dependent, you need to indicate that they are not an eligible dependent. You also need to indicate that the person is entitled to CCC in the medical/disability section. 3. By default, eligible claims go to the family head. The "family head" is by default, the one who will claim any credit if optimal. If anyone else is claiming your mother in law, the total allowable claim cannot exceed the maximal amount eligible to be claimed.
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