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  1. Thanks so much Winston. This seems doable. Thanks for indicating refile mode. That was my big worry. I now need to get the missing info slip from CRA records. You have been a tremendous help. Thanks again. If I run into trouble, I may be back😏
  2. Ok. It was a missing T5. I assume I have to add it to my 2018 ufile, correct? What will happen after I make the change? Will ufile create a new return?
  3. Thanks so much for responding I’m not great with technology. How do I do that? There were changes to lines 150, 236, 260, 350, 6150, 420, 428, 435, and 482 of my 2018 return. When I open up 2019 ufile, i need to be entering 2019 info. I don’t see how I can enter 2018 info in line 150 for example.? Thanks for considering my additional question. This is so darn stressful!
  4. CRA amended my 2018 return for me due to undeclared income. They issued a new notice of assessment (tax reasssment). Great so far. My concern is that my 2018 ufile récords are now incorrect (ie. carry forwards, CNIL etc.) and thus not sure what i need to do in order to be able to use ufile for 2019 taxes. Any advice?
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