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  1. Hi! So just in case anyone needs this info, I contacted revenue quebec. The box J is how much your employer paid for the insurance for you. My letter was how much I paid, however my employer did not give it in time for it to be on my tax forms. The amount you pay out of pocket (the amount I received in the letter) should be box 235 on the releve 1 or box 85 on the T4. According to the agent I spoke to today on the phone, I should manually put in the amount to box 235/85 myself. Also shoutout to Revenue Quebec, who I emailed Sunday and was called back on Monday.
  2. Thank you! Should there be such a large discrepancy though? Its a little over $800 in difference....
  3. Hi, I have an amount listed on my Releve 1 box J for my Private Health Insurance (regime price d'ass. maladie). I also received a letter from my employer with a completely different amount. It states "your insurance broker has provided us with the following information regarding the amount of tax deductible Health and Dental Premiums that you paid in 2019" Do I put the whole amount in from the letter of my employer into medical deductions? Or the difference or nothing. So confused. Thanks!
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