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  1. I'm using version 23.08, which is the latest update. Since I'm not far into my tax file, I delete the 2019 file to start fresh and hoping the latest update will work. UFile still doesn't carry forward and of my prior year capital losses. It also doesn't carry forward rental property information. Will there be a technical solution for this?
  2. Same Problem as well as rental property information is not being carried forward.
  3. Ok I think I got. My trading summary from the bank has no box numbers and I have to provide the ACB which doesn't appear on my trading summary for all the transactions. The summary does say T5008 on it, but it is not. Therefore it would go in the Capital Gains (Losses) section only.
  4. I was issued a T5008 form for shares I sold. Some were losses. There are two seperate T5008 forms on UFile. One is for "investment income" and the other is for "capital gains/losses." Both forms are completely identical so I am unsure whether to fill out both or just the "investment income" form. Does anyone have any advice on this matter? Thanks in advance. This is a copied question from dariantax which i couldn't have asked better myself. Help is appreciated
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