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  1. Re link given by dogstar38492-----tried the link--exact same problem. The problem that I cannot understand is why it works on my laptop. I copied the download.exe file from my laptop to a USB stick and tried that on my desktop---same result! This problem drives me crazy!đŸ˜±
  2. I am having the very same problem as shown above---I followed the link shown but but it does not work on my desktop. I have tried downloading using both Chrome and Edge and it appears to only download a partial file. The whole file should be approx 72Mb but it seems the download starts at 57mb and goes to 72mb. I have used this program for a good many years and have never had this happen. Something else is that I have installed it on my laptop with NO problems and I registered using the above email. Both computers are running the latest versions of Win 10. I'd appreciate any help in this matte
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