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  1. Thanks to Nawal for this post (answer), seems a lot of people are asking the same question. Thanks again Nawal
  2. in the "Interview Setup", you will find the "Employment expenses" section under " Employment and other benefits" . Select " T777S Employment expenses for Working at Home Due to COVID-19 - Temporary Flat rate " .
  3. Hi Nawal, Got it, lol, thanks for your help. Much appreciated
  4. Hi Nawal, I'm looking in the Interview Setup, but don't see Employment and other benefits. Is there an update I don't know about? Seems simple but not seeing it. Thanks, for your help
  5. Thanks for your help, but where is that form in the ufile tax return? Don’t see any info on it.
  6. Does anyone have information on where to enter the $400 flat rate deduction, for working from home, because of Covid 19.
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