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  1. I was finally able to get UFile 2020 to load... but without assistance from anyone at UFile. I disabled every "anti-virus" programme that I could find on my computer, including Vipre and Windows Defender. Part way through the installation, the installation programme wanted to abort due to two other programmes that "require updating" (one had something to do with NVidia), but I forced the UFile installer to complete its installation now, with a reboot later. Zero support from UFile! Duly noted.
  2. Does. Not. Work. Does not work. DOESN'T WORK! The installation craps out at "Initializing Files". It all just simply disappears. UFile 2020 does *not* get installed. I have the 3 previous versions of UFile still installed on my computer (UFile 2017, UFile 2018, UFile 2019). I have never had a previous problem installing UFile.
  3. I have attempted both "fixes" as listed below. Neither one works. No response from UFile Support.
  4. I am having the exact same problem as everyone else: This programme will NOT install on Windows 10 Home. How it plays out: I successfully download the UFile 2020 for Windows file (ufile2020.exe). I click on the programme, and it begins its installation routine. Programme extracts... I get the installation wizard... I accept the terms of the licencing agreement... give permission for it to be installed in its default destination folder, and click "Install". The programme starts to install... a popup asks if I wish to give permission for this programme to install, I click "Yes". I brief
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