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  1. Thanks for the reply everyone. I finally reached out to CRA and looks like there was an issue with the client SIN. Thanks everyone
  2. Hi, I am filing for a client - Single father who just got married in 2020, spouse is out of the country apart from that its a regular tax process. I keep getting a code 35 - I dont understand why its saying this because he isnt declaring pre bankruptcy. Is this a SIN specific issue or am i missing something here You have indicated your client is filing a pre-bankruptcy return but there is no date of bankruptcy on the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) records. Please ensure you have submitted the Form DC905, Bankruptcy Identification Form, to update the CRA’s records.
  3. Hi there, I am filling a tax return for a self employed individual. I have a T4A with an amount in Box 22 for Income tax deducted. And an amount in Box 48. I know i add the amount on Box 48 to self employed income but do i do anything else with the income tax deducted in Box 22. Do i add it to anything on the self employed area?. Thanks
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