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  1. Additionally I tried inputting all the same data in the competitor software and everything calculates properly! UFile support team instead of giving me tax advice should be looking into fixing a technical issue. I’ve been with UFile fore over 10 years but may switch if this is not resolved in the next week. i don’t know what to do anymore - called them, sent emails.
  2. @TheTaxSmith - i already tried all this - the problem is that no amount seems to be registering in Schedule 7, after deletion, inputting any numbers - anything. This is why I am sure it is a bug but nobody from UFile seem to care. Whatever number I input in the interview in unused contribution doesn’t change the final refund/balance and doesn’t show on Schedule 7
  3. @Nawal so far the support has been inadequate with very questionable or straight misleading suggestions without addressing the real issue. Very disappointing.
  4. Hi @Nawal I contacted yesterday, hope to hear back
  5. Thanks for the response. To answer: yes I input yes into the field; I input amount into the data field ; no amount in the last field as it is already captured in the previous field. i also tried inputting the amount in « unused contributions from prior years » result doesn’t change. absolutely looks like a bug
  6. I noticed an issue with the 2020 formula used to calculate/report RRSP contributions. I am speaking about the final Tax Return, not the interview. - In Schedule 7 unused contributions show as nothing (1), while in the interview I clearly input a specific amount (same as per my NOA). As a result they are not added to the total of the RRSP contributions. I see that in prior years the interview inputs match 2020 ( I have reported in the same way) and the unused contribution was always added to the calculation. Will greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!
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