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  1. Thanks.. that worked. Any idea why I am only getting the option to pay for a single return... and not for my family?
  2. My children had business income last year as well as employment income. Why can't access the T4 form in this 2020 online Ufile for my children... the choice is not available
  3. At this point I think we all need to hear directly from Ufile. RRSP deadline is Monday and I need this program to figure out max contribution needed to zero out tax for 4 family members. I would prefer not to guess.
  4. I wonder if this is a virus... issues are cropping up EVERYWHERE! Now I cannot enter T4 manually so I am completely unable to do my taxes. Ufile prompted me to do a survey... lol... I did and then it froze...hahaha. Time to step up Ufile... Tell us what the issues are, the risks to our financial information and a date and time for fix.
  5. I may have paid more than once too. They will certainly provide refunds and likely a nice discount for all these issues😄 I have used this program for a very long time and it has always worked well. I am willing to give them the time to get their stuff together before I think of switching. Lets get all this crap resolved this week UFILE!
  6. Same issue as everyone "Not a valid unsigned short"... this program is quite buggy this year
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