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  1. Hi Nawai, Thank you for your quick response. I have added my spouse to my file, input her income and so forth. In the end on the payment page, I can pay for my tax return and her tax return as well. Does that mean that I am filing our return together? Which means she doesn't have to do it anymore? Sorry for lots of questions. I am just kinda confused and wanted to make sure to do it right. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hi there! I have a question regarding ufile filing with "add spouse" section. In that section, I can fill out her net income, personal information, and so forth. I also notice that on the payment page, I have to pay both my tax return and her tax return. Does that mean I am also submitting tax return on her behalf? Or does she have to submit it again on her own? Sorry if it is confusing, as we have just got married and I don't really understand how it works. I thought we all would have to submit it by ourselves? Then why do I have to pay for her portion on U
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