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  1. On Step Four of the tax form where I review everything, UFile asks me if "I'm ready to pay." The button at the bottom tells to BUY NOW. I can't review my forms unless I buy now. What do I do now. David Barron
  2. Will I be able to print up my tax return without Ufile telling me to pay again.
  3. I have to print my returns up because my wife is disabled. Should I be able to do this OK?
  4. Can't seem to connect to anyone on the phone, busy all the time. Support through e-mail is non existent. Simple question: I've paid for ufile in Dec/20, but it wants me to pay again. Purchase Order ID: 90df713b-f843-4820-bf70-c96b5a3b81e2 Date & time: 2020-12-27 10:08:09 EST Reference number: 661237050017081800 Credit card authorization number
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