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  1. i agree, this morning i tried the auto-fill, getting a log-in error on CRA yet I am able top login using edge or firefox. Same credentials. this is getting silly. Please note that my ufile updated upon opening. SO I am using the latest ufile. Yes it still opened IE. I removed IE and restarted PC and then I put IE back and restarted and tried again. Same issue. Log-in error. Please Ufile/CRA get together and fix this.
  2. After much work, I have found a rather klugy work around. It seems that EDGE puts and add-on into IE to load edge for incompatible web sites. SO what happening is this. You get the IE 11 prompt to choose your log-in mode for CRA, You pick partner, at this point the add-in redirects you to edge. Your now SOL. However you can disable this feature, you disable it in edge. Select the 3 dots, right corner of edge. then select settings, under the "default browser" setting change the "Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge" settings . I changed mine to never.
  3. Just an update, and i really hope someone from U-file reads this. If you are login to CRA using a CRA user id and password. everything works fine. Download, etc. If how-ever you are using Partner Login IE. Your Bank. YOU are SOL. it does not work. I have tested this 6 times.
  4. My update to v24.11 gives the same result. NO JOY error 029.
  5. I have. still get the err-029 from its call of MS EDGE.
  6. I have IE 11 installed, I also have the latest version of Ufile. 24.11 and still the problem persists. IE starts up, upon log-in it call edge, login using edge and err-029 shows up. What gives.
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