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  1. per your email... I sent the required information over about an hour ago to support at ufile email you provided
  2. @Nawalthat was only for mine. I have not received anything since March 1st for myself. I am looking for the resets for my husband and kids. I check my email daily to see if I get anything.
  3. I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks to get my family accounts set back up that are all under my email address, I have sent emails and advised it would be fixed and still nothing, phone calls go unanswered. I have spent so much time on this j @NawalI have been so patient can you please help me get this corrected, or what I need to do. You have a message with the user names
  4. HELP I am in the same boat, called them in January on hold for forever, waited today for over an hour, no answer. I emailed them.. nothing just an auto response. Today is RRSP deadline and I have been waiting for a password reset for my entire family of 5 that I do taxes for. Can someone please help me now to reset this. UF689349 @Nawal
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