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  1. ufile needs to hire more staff as it is impossible to get through to anyone on the phone
  2. the exact thing happened to me and I ended up paying $50 to file for myself and spouse and one dependent when I can go to walmart and buy ufile and be able to do 4 returns for $19.98...its just not right
  3. I didn’t get your email? @Nawal. I was able to get a voucher code to rectify the situation but when I go to file my sons return it tells me the head of household needs to pay before filing this return but the head of household has all ready been filed and paid?? So frustrating
  4. I have completed my taxes and have already paid $50 to do 4 taxes and 2 are under $20,000. First it told me one of the returns was rejected and now its saying 2 are rejected and will not allow to me try to net file as its asking me to pay again....going crazy, not sure what else to do
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