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  1. Fran

    Donated securities

    I had roughly the same question. I made two donations of securities, which I did through Canada Helps, so have charitable donation receipts from them documenting the share transfers & sales, and the distributions to charities. The share transfer through my broker did not trigger a 5008; however, I knew I needed to generate a T1170 somehow, so I used the Capital Gains pages to enter each of the stock transfers. At the bottom of these pages, when the form asks "Is this disposition a gift to a charity...". I chose YES INCLUSION RATE REDUCED. T1170 and on the next line for eligible amount
  2. I downloaded all the T5008 forms associated with my stock sales. About half of them did not involve commissions and they look fine because the proceeds of disposition amount (2nd line from bottom) equals the stock price x the number of shares I sold. However, for those I sold through my discount account, the amount shown as the proceeds is the net (i.e. minus the $9.95 commission). The commission then appears in the last line. When UFile processes this, it seems to include this value again in the calculations, as all my capital gains are off by the amount of the commission. Am I crazy o
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