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  1. Hi CLW: Thank you for your timely response and I am most appreciative of it. As I stated earlier, my 'Capital gains/Losses' worksheet showed the Gains/Losses from both T5008 & T3; thus my decision to delete the T3 entries, prior to netfiling. I will wait for CRA to send me the NOA, to see if I need to do anything further. Thanks again for your kind response AND appreciate your expert guidance! Regards, Deesom.
  2. Due to some of the auto-carry forward and other improvements in the 2020- Ufile tax filing process, I auto entered my T5008slip and then followed it up withT3 Capital Gains/Losses entries; However, on reviewing my 2020 tax return prior to Netfiling, I found that the capital gains/losses were calculated based on the T5008 form, as well as, the T3 Capital gains/losses form, in essence, duplicating exactly the amounts on the Capital Gains/Losses calculation, I deleted the calculations based on the duplicated T3 slips and filed my return. I am somewhat concerned that informational clarity was lacking in UFile which brought about this confusion. Since there were no errors or warnings on the completed file, and I was able to Netfile which was accepted by CRA, I am confident that my submissions were acceptable. If there were to be corrections required on processing of my netfile information, CRA would certainly let me know, in my NOA. In the meantime, I am hooping that one of the staff or Advanced Users on the forum, would be able to throw some light on this matter. Thanking you, in advance, Deesom.
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