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  1. OK, that doesn't seem to be the issue. Only box I found similar to the earlier suggestion was the following, "Will you be using NETFILE to submit a prior year federal return, today or within the next two days? ". Found that line on the NetFile interview page. It was showing No in the dropdown box when the error was detected. I switched to Yes and hit review but error is still there. I had switched this on both my and my wife's returns. I did not find the check box with exactly the text that you show, although I think I recall seeing it at some point in the past. Would it have disappeared in Re
  2. That looks like the exact issue. I'll hunt for that check box. Must be on one of the first couple of pages within UFile. Thanks.
  3. My wife missed a T4E that was e-mailed to her, and I found a T3 in a pile of paperwork. Had successfully submitted and filed the 2020 return for both of us. Now trying to use ReFILE to amend both returns based on the found slips, but once ReFILE now giving a message that neither return can be submitted because "The taxpayer is claiming a split pension amount. *". Haven't changed anything other than entering the T3 for me and the T4E for my wife. Not sure where to look to correct this error, and not sure why anything would have changed when this message was not present previously...? Looking fo
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