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  1. Hi @Barry H You are able to do that if you use Ufile Online. When you want to switch to another year go to "Settings" (right side on top of your screen) and select "Save and close". After that select " Launch " on right side of year of tax year you want to open. Thank's
  2. Please when you select the link do this:
  3. Hi @Pamela V You will find below the download links for all years:2020: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2020ANGH18GHVFENA678KL3P7C5/ufile2020.exe2019: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2019MNGH5GGHVFENJ236KL3KOP7/ufile2019.exe2018: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2018GCM4FVJ2AWHVN238RN2ZLU6/ufile2018.exe2017:http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2017MQ2ZJCFIL0P8TNKOK8MlWK7/ufile2017.exe2016: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2016GQ2ZJCFP8TNKK8MYWK7/ufile2016.exe2015: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2015EDYT34UF3E4A23H7ZS4/UFile2015.exe2014: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2014EGYH34UFGHYA23WHUS4/UFile2014.exe2013: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2013EGYH34U86GA23WHUS4/UFile2013.exe2012: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2012PXQJQT4JDFK5TGF7M/UFile2012.exe2011: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2011H7E49TF5GKS9X6DS/Ufile2011.exe2010: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2010YE495TGKS9X6DS/UFile2010.exe2009: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2009NT352RAHF4X6UP/UFile2009.exe2008: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2008MP263TAKH9W4UG/UFile2008.exe2007: http://www.drtax.ca/download/ufile/UF2007AR956XCED4Z3RF/Ufile2007.exe2006: http://www.drtax.ca/download/ufile/UFO2006RJ7GRSC46NJEFGH/Ufile2006.exe2005: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UFO2005KWZ9L1M2P7T4/UFile2005.exe2004: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UFO2004XMG1J5Y8E9T3/UFile2004.exe2003: http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UFO2003QX9W5A2T1G4R7/UFile2003.exe
  4. Hi @creigmaltawe suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca to help you with this. Thanks
  5. Hi @Wilma Manuelgo to https://www.ufile.ca/products/cvitp in "Previous years". Thanks
  6. Hi @Gennaro To enter the sale of your secondary residence, follow the steps below. 1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select the topic "Interview setup". 2. On the screen to your right, go to the "Investment income and expenses" group and check the box "Capital gains (or losses) and capital gain history" and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Go back to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select the "Capital gains and ABIL" section. 4. On the page appearing on the right, click on the plus sign "+" icon located on the right of the line "Personal use property (including principal residence)". 5. On the page titled "Personal Use Property", enter the necessary information, for example on the line for "Description of the property", enter "Secondary residence" and answer all the questions. 6. If you are a co-owner of the property, go to the line "Your percentage share of capital gain/loss recorded here" and enter your share in the field on the right. 7. On the following line, if your spouse was co-owner of the property with you and you wish to transfer his gain or loss to him, indicate it by selecting "Yes" in the box to your right. Of course, in this case it is necessary that your spouse's tax return is processed with yours. The amount of the capital gain will be reported by the program on line 127 of the federal return and, for Quebec residents, on line 139 of the Quebec return. If you have suffered a loss, both the federal and the Quebec notices of assessment will mention it.
  7. Hello @websters111, Thank you for your follow up, we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca to help you with this. Thanks
  8. Hello @websters111 Carrying charges and interest expenses To report the carrying charges and interest you paid to earn investment income, please follow these steps: 1. On the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup". 2. On the right-hand side page, go to the "Investment income and expenses" group, check the box "Interest, investment income and carrying charges/interest expenses/CNIL (T3, T5, T4PS, T5008, RC359)" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Interest, investment income and carrying charges". 4. On the right-hand page, choose the "Income" group you have earned and enter the income you have earned, and on which you paid interest or financial expenses. 5. Then, in the "Expenses" group, click on the "plus" sign icon to the right of the line "Carrying charges or interest expenses (line22100)". Complete this page according to your situation. The program will carry over this amount on line 22100 of your federal return and, if applicable, on line 231 of your Quebec tax return. If you have already reported the interest charges on a T5013, do not claim them here again. Note for residents of Quebec: the amount of investment expenses you deduct cannot exceed your investment income. If the fees exceed your investment income, the program will calculate an adjustment to the investment expenses in line 260 of your Quebec return, by completing Schedule N. We suggest you visit the following link: https://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/citizens/income-tax-return/completing-your-income-tax-return/completing-your-income-tax-return/line-by-line-help/201-to-260-net-income/line-260/ For more information about this subject, please consult the following links: For CRA : https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/deductions-credits-expenses/line-221-carrying-charges-interest-expenses.html For Revenu Quebec: https://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/citizens/income-tax-return/completing-your-income-tax-return/completing-your-income-tax-return/line-by-line-help/201-to-260-net-income/line-231/
  9. Hi @Diana 2020Sorry we haven't any access to your folders.
  10. Hello @timpeppersorry we not offer this option. Please consult the link bellow for more informations Who can use UFileT2, Corporate Tax Software Online | UFileT2
  11. Hi @npng007we suggest you to contact our support team at support@ufile.ca to help you with this. Thanks
  12. Hi @Erik According to the CRA Guide, box 028 of the T4A slip allows you to enter any other amount which may be declared elsewhere on a T4A slip or any other. However, payment for services must be reported under Box 048 of the T4A. You have received a T4A with the amount shown in box 028; we suggest you contact the issuer of the slip for a verification in that regard. To enter this amount, please follow the steps below: 1. In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select the "Interview setup". 2. On the screen to your right, go to the "Pension" group and check "Pension income, other income and split pension income (T4A, T4A (OAS), T4A (P), T4A-RCA, T4RSP, T4RIF, T1033)" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select the "Pension income, T4A". On the right-side page, choose the option "Pension, retirement, annuity, and other income". 4. If payment is not related to a service, go to the page entitled "T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity and other income", and select the line "Other information (click on the triangle to see the list of choices) (A payment of fees for services under code 028 should be entered in Box 048)". In the drop-down menu, choose "(028) Other income". 5. However, if the payment is for services rendered, you entered the amount in Box 048 and in this case, return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Interview setup". 6. On the screen to your right, go to the "Self-employed" group, check "Self-employed business income" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 7. Then, select "Self-employment income" in the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab". 8. On the screen to your right, choose "T2125 - Business income" or any other option that applies most to your work. 9. Complete the "T2125 - Business identification" page and then on the next page "Income, expenses", enter the amount from box 048 of your T4A slip on the line "Fees for services (T4A Box 048)". If you have expenses, enter them in the boxes that correspond to their description. For Quebec residents, if the amount in Box O of the RL-1 with an RZ code differs from the amount shown on the T4A slip, click on the "Maple Leaf" icon of the corresponding box, and a new box will be displayed where you can enter the amount for Quebec. This box will only be displayed if you have entered the federal amount first. However, if no amount has been recorded with the code RZ on your RL-1, we suggest you contact the payer or the issuer of the slip to determine where he entered this other income amount. You can visit the following link to the CRA: http://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/businesses/topics/payroll/completing-filing-information-returns/t4a-information-payers.html The amount will be transferred to line 13000 of the federal return and line 154 in the Quebec return.
  13. Hi @P_tax2021, unfortunately Ufile Online for T2 don't support Schedule 21. For more informations please select this link: www.ufile.ca/products/supported-forms-for-ufilet2?_ga=2.245057541.1441313915.1627915407-749558113.1627325586
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