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I am attempting to log into my Ufile account and cannot do so. 

I have made no changes to my account and my pw is rather secure and not remotely easy to guess.  This is very frustrating, especially considering that I never received an email from Ufile asking me to change or create a new password.  I absolutely would have caught that, if that's what happened. 

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I had the same problem and it was shocking that after I chose the option of "password reset", a password reset email was sent to another email of mine which was not registered on ufile (instead of my gmail, it went to my ymail of the same name). I am glad that the other account actually belongs to me and I sent a support request form to Ufile and have not got any reply since Sunday....


p.s. I verified in my Ufile account that only one email was registered after I logged in. 

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So I finally received an email from the help desk requesting needed information to reset my password. I emailed them six days ago - have not heard back since. Since who knows where that email went, I sent another request via the web form. The lack of response and timely information is really disappointing considering this is a paid service that handles confidential information. I am a long time customer, but If it doesn't change, I will be looking elsewhere

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I have also run into the password reset problem. It's been over 12 hours and I haven't even received the automated e-mail yet in response to my password reset form submission. Have used the contact support link twice and am currently waiting to hear back.

The password reset form is terribly unfriendly and the fact this change happened without warning is unfortunate. Each year I help half a dozen or more people with their taxes using uFile. They are not technical users and there is no way they will be able to navigate the password reset process. Which means I will either need to walk each of them through it, over multiple sessions since the reset takes so long, or I'll need to introduce them to a new product.


The bottom line is uFile is likely to lose customers over this overly awkward and slow account change. I hope the company rethinks their approach and gets it fixed before the end of February.

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