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Ufile asking me to pay, again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I may have paid more than once too. They will certainly provide refunds and likely a nice discount for all these issues😄

I have used this program for a very long time and it has always worked well. I am willing to give them the time to get their stuff together before I think of switching.

Lets get all this crap resolved this week UFILE!

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On 2/15/2021 at 6:23 AM, Nawal said:

Hi @BobTax, if you're being asked to pay again when you launch your program, please ignore it. You will be able to view your tax return at step 4 .

it still does not allow me to view my tax return at step 4 even though I prepaid. 


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I could not access my original account because I did not know the answer to a secret phrase. I did not know I had a secret phrase, so it was suggested to me to start a new one. I did. Then I got the offer to prepay after I set up the new account. 

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I also paid in November, but is now being shown the red "PAY NOW!" banner.  I am sure that when I am ready to file, Ufile will ask me to pay again !

Sent them a request online and received back a nonsensical list of "answers" and no "Option 3" to click on.

Now sitting on hold on the phone for over an hour !!

I need an answer from a human in charge at Ufile -- anybody ??

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