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Ufile 2020 Install


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Please remove and reinstall the software.


To remove UFile 2020, follow these instructions:

1. Click "Start".

2. Go to "Settings".

3. Select "Control Panel".

4. In the "Control Panel", select "Programs and Features".

5. Locate UFile 2020 and click "Remove".


Download and unzip the file:



Double click on "setup.exe" to begin the installation.
Save and unzip the file, then run setup.exe to install the software.

NOTE: This file includes the msi files for UFile 2020.

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Does. Not. Work.  Does not work.  DOESN'T WORK!

The installation craps out at "Initializing Files".  It all just simply disappears.  UFile 2020 does *not* get installed.

I have the 3 previous versions of UFile still installed on my computer (UFile 2017, UFile 2018, UFile 2019).  I have never had a previous problem installing UFile.

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This doesn't work.  This is the same BS suggestion I got via customer service.  My next step is basically to tell my credit card company this is a fraudulent transaction and get a refund that way.  I can program websites I am well aware of how to delete and reinstall a tax software program.  And given that the program has run fine for the past years this is clearly a technical error in the software.  

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I was finally able to get UFile 2020 to load... but without assistance from anyone at UFile.

I disabled every "anti-virus" programme that I could find on my computer, including Vipre and Windows Defender.

Part way through the installation, the installation programme wanted to abort due to two other programmes that "require updating" (one had something to do with NVidia), but I forced the UFile installer to complete its installation now, with a reboot later.

Zero support from UFile!  Duly noted.

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