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Unused RRSP contributions not showing in final calculation

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I noticed an issue with the 2020 formula used to calculate/report RRSP contributions. I am speaking about the final Tax Return, not the interview.

- In Schedule 7 unused contributions show as nothing (1), while in the interview I clearly input a specific amount (same as per my NOA). As a result they are not added to the total of the RRSP contributions. 

I see that in prior years the interview inputs match 2020 ( I have reported in the same way) and the unused contribution was always added to the calculation.

Will greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Hi jenEB. Look at the data entry area for the RRSP (Interview section) and see what is entered for the second data box "Do you have unused contributions from the first 60 days of 2020?" How did you respond to that question, was it Yes.? Did you put an amount in the next data box? Is there an amount in the following box "Unused contributions from prior years"?

I just tested the software (there was also an update today) and all is as expected. The update did not make a difference.


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Thanks for the response. To answer: yes I input yes into the field; I input amount into the data field ; no amount in the last field as it is already captured in the previous field.

i also tried inputting the amount in « unused contributions from prior years » result doesn’t change.

absolutely looks like a bug

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Hi jenEB. I have always had unused RRSP contributions being carried forward and my Schedule 7 works out perfect based on my data entry. I can understand your frustration with tech support. There must be something entered in the data fields that is causing the problem.  It might be a good idea to delete the data entry form "RRSP contributions, limits", and then add it again. Then reenter the data and see what happens. Alternatively try deleting the carry forward unused amount, exit and save the data, then reenter and complete the data entry again.

Just to let you know I am a forum member only and do not work for Ufile.

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@TheTaxSmith - i already tried all this - the problem is that no amount seems to be registering in Schedule 7, after deletion, inputting any numbers - anything. This is why I am sure it is a bug but nobody from UFile seem to care. Whatever number I input in the interview in unused contribution doesn’t change the final refund/balance and doesn’t show on Schedule 7

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Additionally I tried inputting all the same data in the competitor software and everything calculates properly! UFile support team instead of giving me tax advice should be looking into fixing a technical issue. I’ve been with UFile fore over 10 years but may switch if this is not resolved in the next week.

i don’t know what to do anymore - called them, sent emails. 

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