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CRA download not working - "Oops something as gone wrong" (Known error according to telephone supprt)

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According to your phone support this download is a known error. I waisted a couple of hours trying to figure out the problem and then waited forever on the phone only to find this is a know problem. Would it not be good customer services to let us know that is not working? And when it is targeted to be fixed. Has been several days now and no clues as to when this will be up. Rather disappointed. Might need a refund and then try other tax software.

Getting the "Oops" error when using Download my information.
1) CRA Web page for sign on selection is displayed
2) Successful sign in and correct SIN displayed
3) System processing request is show on CRA window
4) Window closes and error message appears

Further info
1) doesn't work with Update CRA again check box either
2) doesn't work for my wife's account either

3) work from free Simply Wealth site (i tested)

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I have a major problem tryong to connect to My Account at CRA using your autofill and download feature in my Ufile 2020 for Windows program.

It reaches CRA but endlessly tries to process my (your program's script) request. No login page comes up no matter how long I wait. However, I can connect myself outside of the program by going to CRA login to My Account and no problem.  The issue is with your Ufile program. Do you know of a fix for this,?

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