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CRA Auto-fill my return service for Ufile Windows

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Just an update,  and i really hope someone from U-file reads this.  If you are login to CRA using a CRA user id and password.  everything works fine.  Download, etc.  If how-ever you are using Partner Login IE.  Your Bank.  YOU are SOL.  it does not work.   I have tested this 6 times.  

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After much work,  I have found a rather klugy work around.  It seems that EDGE puts and add-on into IE to load edge for incompatible web sites.

SO what happening is this.  You get the IE 11 prompt to  choose your log-in mode for CRA,    You pick partner,  at this point the add-in redirects you to edge.  Your now SOL.   However you can disable this feature,  you disable it  in edge.  

Select the 3 dots, right corner of edge.  then select settings,   under the "default browser" setting  change the "Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge" settings .  I changed mine to never.

I then ran ufile again,  this time edge did not open.  However the ensuing web page is messy,  but ususable.


Good luck

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What I am trying to establish is why UFile directs me to download Edge when I chose Autofill during the "interview".  I did not have this problem last year.  Is this just a promotional partnership with UFile and MS, or does Chrome work just as well?  I don't recall having any issues whatsoever a year ago. For the record, I had removed Edge from my PC, and now have it back courtesy of UFile, not what I want!!!  I shall remove it again, and if Autofill doesn't work, I'll just go manual like I did in years gone by.

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As I've posted in a couple of other threads on this topic (and doing again in this one in the hope that Ufile responds and addresses the issue), I've uninstalled IE from my PC (because it is no longer supported by anyone, including Microsoft) and when I try auto-fill with Ufile 2020  ver 24.12 it says "Error trying to find an eligible web browser".  I have Edge Chromium version 89.0.774.45 installed and set as the default browser (purely as a test for Ufile).    I also have Firefox 86.0 installed (my usual default), as well as Chrome 89.0.4389.82.    No joy, no love, and no tax returns filed for 2020 (yet).

Come on Ufile/Thomson Reuters, get your stuff together.

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This is insane. How has U-File broken this so badly? I can't get Auto-fill to work this year because U-File is insisting on IE, a relic. What's going on?? Is there no product testing happening in the background? I'm trusting these people with my taxes???


UPDATE: Now this is interesting... Works 100% fine with TD as a partner. Doesn't work at all with BMO as a partner. Hmmm.

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I got the same issue with U-File not able to use Auto-fill in IE11 on Windows 10.

Finally, I try reset IE settings and now it works. 

1. Open settings -> Internet options

2. Go to Advance tab

3. click the Reset button at the "Reset Internet Explorer settings section"

4. Restart computer

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I am having the same type of issue.  Like others, I have reinstalled IE and Edge just for uFile (they will be gone after tax season).  When I click the download button to get what CRA has for me the wheel starts to turn and just spins. After ten minutes I exitted uFile and retarted.  I like the AutoFill because, in past years, I have found tax slips that CRA had and I didn't.


Alternatively, add an option to Settings to allow the user to specify what browser they want to use.

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