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I bought 2 UFiles for this 2020 tax year.  One for my son’s taxes and one for myself and my husband back in December.  When I went into  my file, it is showing the “Pay Now” beside my 2020 tax year whereas my son’s file shows that it is paid.   I want to send my taxes electronically but I should not have to pay again.  How do I resolve this issue.  I have tried 3 minutes to contact you by phone.  Twice you have disconnected me and the third time you left me in the que for over 6 hours.  I would like this corrected so that I can proceed with my taxes.  Thank you!


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I have a family of 5 and I bought the family package for 4 tax returns back in December so I had to purchase another file for my 5th family member so I thought I was fine when I clicked on the pay now tab and it took my payment . My problem is I still can't open the 5th tax return. It tells me I have an error and that I need to pay for the Family Head's file to open this 5th return. I have been working with online help who gave me a voucher to pay for the 5th return but I have no where to input the voucher as my 2020 tax return file shows a green tab that says "Paid Thank You". I have called several times and they told me maybe it is a password reset issue but that didn't and online help does not know what to do. I am hoping someone else has experienced this specific issue and figured out how to fix it? 

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