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T5008 Missing Cost/Book Value


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When I did CRA Autofill, I noticed that my T5008 form did not have the cost/book value filled in. 


I accepted the CRA information but my T5008 information did not appear later in the interview. 


Do I need to add the T5008 tab and enter manually?


If so, how do I make sure to not have it entered twice?




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I just did mine. There are two ways of entering T5008 slips.

You either download through CRA's autofill and add the book value to your slips. Book values are not reported to CRA.

Or ignore the T5008 from autofill and enter them manually. Regardless of how you do it just make sure you add the book values (BV).

If you don't have the BV then you need to contact the issuer of the T5008 slips.

The way to ignore the T5008 slips from auto fill is before you accept the slips just uncheck the box on the top left in auto fill.


I hope this helps.

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