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Premiums paid into a private health insurance plan - Box 135 of the T4A slip and a RL-1 Box J

You have received two (2) documents, a T4A slip and a RL-1.

On the T4A slip, you have an amount in box 135, whereas on RL-1 you have the same amount in Box J as well as boxes A and 211.

You did not receive a RL-2 with an amount in Box 235.

The employer or the issuer of the slips has made a mistake, because they are two different plans

Box 135 of the T4A indicates that the retired employee paid the premium for a private health insurance plan and the Quebec equivalent is Box 235 of the RL-2.

As for the amount in Box J of the RL-1 slip, it indicates that it was the employer who paid the health insurance premium.

Please ask the issuer of the slip for explanations.

Please follow the procedure below:

1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "T4A and pension income".

2. On the page on the right click on the plus sign "+" icon on the right of the line "T4A - Pension, Retirement and Other Income".

3. On the new page generated, go to the line "Footnotes relating to specific T-slip entries and Box 135 (RL-2, Box 235)" and from the drop-down menu after that line, choose the option "Box 135 - Recipient paid premiums for private health services plans" and enter the amount in Box 135 of the T4A.

This amount will be reported directly in the medical expenses of both the federal and the Quebec returns.


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