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  1. The thing is, I have done it this way for the past couple of years and UFile did not double-report the income before. Also, a few years ago when I had an accountant do my return, they reported the income as regular rental income for sure (using form T776 I think). So I am pretty sure I can't ignore the regular rental income section and only report the income under the foreign section in UFile, as that gives me no opportunity to list my expenses breakdown etc.
  2. I have used UFile for a few years, and I don't think I've changed how I am entering my info. I have foreign rental income. In the past I have reported this as regular rental income under a "Rental income" section with income, expenses etc. broken down and reported in C$, and also as foreign rental income under "Foreign income & property" where I report the gross and net also in C$. I checked my 2011 return and that all seems good - if the income was say $10000, this is what is reported under rental income in the result summary. This year when I enter the same info it seems to be counting the income twice, once from the report under rental income, and once for foreign rental income, so under the result summary I see $20000 as rental income instead of $10000. Further investigation seems to indicate the problem is with the "Foreign business income entered as business income" line when I declare the foreign rental income. I had left this blank, which seems to then double the reported rental income. If I enter zero in this line or $10000, the rental income is only reported once. Am I doing this right? What should I be entering in this field? Thanks!
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