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  1. Sorry, the code in Box 14 is: 13 - Gross rents from real property
  2. I entered the amount on the "Non-resident, Section 216 Election" screen in the row indicating "NR4-OAS"... but I now realise that OAS means Old Age Security, so that is not what I'm looking for. Later, in "Deductions, Installments" there is a place where periodic tax payments could be entered. But I think that is related to installment plans and would put the amount of tax paid on line 476. NR4 payments are deductions of income tax at source, so I was expecting the amount to go on line 437. Is there a way to access line 437 in UFile for tax withheld on rental income (box 17 on an NR4)?
  3. Hi there, In the UFile "interview" I have entered the amount of tax withheld as indicated in box 17 on the NR4. However, later when I click the "results", this amount is not showing on line 437 as a deduction to what is owed. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know why the tax withheld is not being deducted from the amount owed? Many thanks for your thoughts.
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