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  1. Re the SIN format: Yes, an unfortunate compromise. Obviously, the SIN with dashes is much easier on the eyes while working in UFile (9 digits in a row are hard to visually verify against some other source of the SIN). Ideally, CRA should be flexible enough to accept the SIN in several formats, like tight 9-digit or with dashes or spaces inserted. I too do lots of copy/paste on the Web and run into a similar problem in many places. Re the date format: Yes, a minor annoyance. I think UFile is trying to use a consistent date format throughout its own Web pages of the tax forms, which is nice in its own way.
  2. Thanks, I'll be awaiting your further reply. But, do note, the solution does not require any detailed understanding of this Manitoba credit. It very simply requires a multi-line area in which to enter the (several) primary residences occupied during the tax year, with number of months and rent paid on each line. UFile has very many other places where we can click to "add one more item/line" of the same kind as we are working on, so UFile could easily do the same in this case.
  3. A serious shortcoming all these years in UFile Online: On the Manitoba MB428/MB479 provincial credits, we need provision for residential moves during a year, i.e., we need to be able to enter multiple successive primary residences (not overlapping residences!) on multiple lines (just like on the CRA printed form) to properly claim the property tax credit for tenants or homeowners (especially tenants). These multiple lines of primary residences must of course add up to exactly 12 months of occupancy, and the entered rents (for tenants) must match those 12 months.
  4. Thank you UFile for starting this support community! I've been using UFile Online ever since tax year 2007, and this forum will be a great additional resource. I find UFile Online much easier and more logical to navigate than another famous online system that I was using before 2007. Oh, and a real asset is that your UFile Online allows returns all the way back to 1999. I used that feature to catch up with 10 years of returns (the maximum number of prior returns that CRA allows is 10) when I did 2000-2009 in rapid succession around 2009/2010. I'll start my contributions here by posting a suggestion/problem under "provincial credits".
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