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  1. Hello, Are you able to answer or provide any insight to this issue? I have customer's waiting to have their returns filed and it has been over a week. I have been very disappointed in both the product and support this year.
  2. I'm trying to do as suggested, however, the person I'm adding is the spouse of the family head and it does not allow me to add her a second time as a dependent and line 315 is still not showing up on the actual return. Is this a glitch in the system again this year?
  3. Before I purchase this product for the upcoming year, are you able to advise if the issue with the caregiver amount not showing up in Schedule 5 has been resolved? Last year, I was required to also file adjustments with my clients returns because of this and I'd like to avoid that this year. Thank you!
  4. Would it be possible for UFile to create a letter that could be distributed to client's when Tax Preparer's print out their client's returns? I notice that a few other Tax Programs do this and it makes things a bit more professional. The letters normally include the amount of refund (or owing), GST, Trillium and what the next years RRSP Deduction Limit will be.
  5. I think this will be my very last year using UFile. When I first downloaded the program I kept getting an error stating that something wasn't installed properly. After a week of uninstalling and reinstalling the program finally worked. I'm now having an issue where the program will not generate a Schedule 5, even thought the client is entitled to the Caregiver amount. I've encountered this a few times now and each time I've had to advise my clients that I would have to submit their returns and then fill out a T1 Adjustment to add in the caregiver amount. Being a professional Tax preparer, I do not think this appears very professional when I cannot give them the correct amount for a refund and/or payment that will need to be made. I have started exploring various other programs, and although I do realize that it will be a lot of work to change over to another program (I've been using UFile since 2005), I think it's time for a change and maybe I will revisit the program in another few years.
  6. Is nobody else having this issue? I'm very disappointed that I have to file my customers taxes and then file and adjustment to go with it. I've read a few posts on here lately and I'm starting to agree with everyone else, the service and program has gone downhill and I think it's time to start looking at different options.
  7. jessicaodonnell

    Schedule 5

    I am trying to enter in the Caregiver amount on line 315. I have done the following steps: 1 - in the QuickClik Navigator I have selected Medical and Disability 2 - selected Disability 3 - entered the individuals name 4 - answer to 'claim the disability amount' 5 - answered 'yes' if the client is entitled to the federal family caregiver amount 6 - answered 'yes' that CRA already does have form T2201 on file After doing this, there is still nothing showing up on Line 315 and I cannot find a way to add in the Schedule 5 to enter the information. Please assist as the end of filing is soon and I do not want my clients to miss out on filing in a timely manner.
  8. Hello, Did this work for you? I've gone through the steps and still do not see anything listed on line 315 and the individual is eligible to claim the caregiver amount. I have also tried to go to the actual return, find the line, right click and choose "go to the source" but it will not bring me to Schedule 5 because it is not showing on the list of schedules. I have tried to attach an image of what i can see along the QuikClik Navigator, but I only see Medical and Disability, nothing about a caregiver amount. Is there a way to add in Schedule 5 or to resolve this issue? I've followed the instructions above and they did not seem to work.
  9. Is there anyone out there that is having this same issue and can assist me with fixing it. Or, even if you aren't having the same issue and know how to fix it.
  10. Hello, I am having issues with the program when I am trying to Netfile the returns. I follow the steps above and I then receive an error stating that the file is not saved as a '.tax' file. I have gone back multiple times to ensure that it has been saved as a '.tax' file and even try to save it to various places (desktop, thumb drive, etc.). I have called CRA regarding the issue and they have troubleshooted by having me save to multiple locations as well. I had this issue last year while preparing income tax returns as well. The path that shows up when I go to attach a file is: G:\TAX RETURNS 2012\net12h_EUGENE_CAPUTO.TAX Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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