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    CCA recapture

    I am discussing the townhouse, Class 1, only. The same logic would apply to the Class 8 assets. The ACB of the townhouse is $380,000.00 plus expenses incurred on purchase. As you used $21K for CCA in previous years, your opening CCA is $359,000.00 (380K less 21K). Your proceeds of disposition are $440,000.00. You need to define a rental income property for the townhouse. - Beginning date - 01-01-2015 - End date - date of sale In the Income page, tick "this is the final year of operations" Enter rental income and expenses from January 1st up to the date of sale. Define a CCA Class 1 page for the townhouse, - description - purchase date - Opening balance of the UCC - ACB less 21,000.00 - ACB of the depreciable property - 380,000 plus purchase expenses - Proceeds - 440,000.00 - expenses associated with the disposition - sale expenses - ACB of the disposition - same as ACB of the depreciable property - Calculate the capital gain - select Calculate capital gain - Did you liquidate all assets ... "Yes" The CCA recapture of $21,000.00 will show in the T776 form on line 9947. The capital gain will show in Schedule 3, section 4. Real estate ...
  2. Bretonix

    T4 and releve 1

    I understand that by "EI slip" you mean a T4E slip. A T4E slip has no Relevé 1 equivalent. Could you be more specific?
  3. As you work in Ontario and reside in Quebec you received - one T4 slip with ON in Box 10 - one Relevé 1 with your benefits taxable in Quebec. Here is the answer I provided in the French forum to the same question. Vous avez reçu deux documents: - un feuillet T4, Ontario (code "ON", case 10) - un Relevé 1, Québec case A (montant de la case J) case I (devrait contenir 0,00) case J (assurance employeur imposable au Québec) case E (si vous avez demandé d'avoir une retenue d'impôt Québec) 1) pour saisir les données du T4 utilisez l'écran - Revenus d'emploi / Revenus du T4 gagnés hors Québec province "Ontario" 2) pour saisir les données du Relevé 1 utilisez l'écran - Revenus du T4 et du Relevé 1 gagnés au Québec Cliquez Révision et vérifiez. au Fédéral, - ligne 438, transfert d'impôt pour les résidents du Québec le montant est 45% du montant de la case 22 du T4 au Québec, - ligne 101, revenus d'emploi le montant est le montant de la case 14 du T4 plus le montant de la case A du RL-1 - ligne 454, partie transférable de l'impôt d'une autre province le montant est celui de la ligne 438 du Fédéral Note 1: Transfert d'impôt au Québec Si vous le désirez, vous pouvez modifier le montant transféré par défaut (45% de la case 22 du T4) dans l'écran - Remboursement ou solde dû / Transfert d'impôt à Québec, sans dépasser 45% Note 2: Application de la réponse La réponse ci-dessus s'applique quelle que soit la province/le territoire, autre que Québec, où le résident du Québec a travaillé.
  4. Could you be more specific? What do you mean by "for rent"? - a rental property - a credit available to renters Which province / territory did you reside on December 31st?
  5. Click Other deductions and credits in the left menu. Click the + of Schedule 1 line 369 - Home buyers' ....
  6. Unfortunately it is not possible to download the data from UFile Online to UFile Windows. You need to start your Windows file from scratch.
  7. This is just a warning. It does not prevent you wife from filing unless there are other errors showing in the Electronic Filing Errors section (Review / Messages)
  8. By "another tax program" I assume you mean a program other than UFile. The .tax file would be of no use as it contains only the data that CRA requires in order to assess your return. Moreover the .tax file contains the results of the calculations so it cannot be used to prepare next year file. For example your name and address are not part of the .tax file. What you need is the UFile data file, i.e. the .u14 file which you should find in your computer. Some other tax programs have the capability to import the .u14 file in their 2015 edition.
  9. I just learned that there is a problem with dates in carried forward files on the Web. As the Development people have left for the week end, I shall get back to you early next week. In the mean time, could you try the following. - change the start date for 30/12/2014 - change the end date to 30/12/2015 and advise of the results - message still there if not - what are the dates showing in the T2125 form
  10. Regarding your US income was tax withheld on it by your client? Whatever the answer is you should contact CRA's International Office and ask for guidance. 1-800-959-8281 Which UFile product are you using? - UFile for Windows or - UFile ONLINE
  11. Which product are you using? - UFile for Windows or - UFile ONLINE Who is the "Family Head" i.e. the leftmost name under the 5 tabs? When you look in the Family Head's Federal summary (Review tab) who is getting the Family Tax Cut, line 423
  12. Which product are you using? - UFile for Windows or - UFile ONLINE Are you creating a new account or was your file carried forward from 2014?
  13. You probably selected "No" as the answer to these two questions which are located in the Controls page of the "Family Head". These questions relate to amounts in specific lines in Schedule 1-A, Family Tax Cut. They do not relate to your spouse's net income. You must select "Yes". Note that these questions are a requirement of the CRA.
  14. Bretonix

    Lines 305 and 367

    Precision with regard to Flin13 question. Line 367 does not apply as your children are in good health. Line 305 applies only for one child if you are in one of the following situations - you are a single parent - you had a spouse in the year, and the child is yours - you separated in the year, and the child is yours
  15. I did some tests. What the exact dates you entered for beginnig and year-end? Is it possible that you entered 2016 for the year instead of 2015?
  16. Proceed as follows: - In Interview setup, locate Employment and other benefits - Tick Employment expenses, click Next - Click Employment expenses in the Left menu - Click Eligible employment expenses for an employee earning a salary Enter your expenses and define your Employment conditions.
  17. Hello, I need more information about your situation. 1) what is your province of residence? 2) what is your business status? - self-employed - or incorporated 3) did you file a US tax return with regard to your US income? Thanks
  18. Bretonix

    Children grown up

    Unfortunately the situation is still the same. You need to create an account for your young adult and to transcribe all carried forward information. Then you delete the person from your account.
  19. I assume you are the "Family Head" in your UFile file. Your spouse can claim the ON-BEN benefit whatever the situation. Enter the ON-BEN related information (claim and residence) in your data. Then in Ontario tax and credits - click "Assigning Ontario credits to one spouse or the other" select "Give to spouse" The ON-BEN form as well as the Ont. Trillium calculation estimate will show in the spouse's return
  20. In the T4A page locate Other information (Box 028+). Click the triangle to see the list of choices. Select 107 Payments from wage-loss replacement plan.
  21. The electronic file that is sent to CRA when you file a return is stored nowhere on your PC as the transmission is now fully automatic. What you can see in the Return package is an edited image of the file content under the heading Efile Federal - Return record The .uxx files are the UFile data files.
  22. Bretonix

    CCA recapture

    Could you clarify the data about your property? In the first paragraph you mention a building ACB $21K. In the third paragraph you mention a property ACB $380K and no UCC. Note that the expenses on purchase and sale are entered in the CCA section only - expenses on purchase are to be added to the ACB. - expenses on sale (disposition) are entered separately
  23. I assume you are an Ontario resident. As you do not own your own home you are probably renting and you are thus entitled to the Ontario Trillium Benefit as a tenant. You need to enter data in two pages, - the ON-BEN page where you claim the benefit - the tenant page where you enter the details of your rent UFile will then generate the ON-BEN form and calculate an estimate of your Trillium benefit.
  24. UFile will generate Line 316 once you have defined the Disability in the Interview - Click Medical, disability, caregiver - Click Infirmity and Disability for yourself - Description - Are you eligible - "Claim"
  25. When you activate with a PRO activation key Form T183 is produced, - when EFILE has been required - and when the file is eligible for EFILE When you activate with a CVITP activation key Form TIS60 is produced at all times whether filing via EFILE or filing on paper - filing via EFILE, the whole form is filled in - filing on paper, only the top part is filled in
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