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  1. Thanks, Winston. It’s reassuring to know that the CRA isn’t really interested in what we put down for the date of acquisition. After I posted my question, I did some more googling on the issue and found a Canadian website which appears knowledgeable (mentioned in the Globe and Mail!) called adjustedcostbase.ca . Its author says, in answer to a question, that the CRA doesn’t provide clear guidance on this question, which supports your advice. The author offers a suggestion to use the date when most of the shares were acquired. But the bottom line seems to be: the CRA doesn’t care. I was also interested to see that USA sites say you have to use the FIFO (first-in, first out) method to calculate ACB for multiple purchases, which would be an extraordinary pain. But adjustedcostbase.ca says that in Canada the CRA requires that you keep a running total, the method I’ve always used without knowing whether it was correct (but it would have been nice to see where the CRA says this). As for the different exchange rates problem, I record the US exchange rate at the time of each purchase and convert everything into Canadian dollars.
  2. Like Fabien, I also have a problem with multiple dates of acquisition, in this case spread over many years. Nawal, your reply to use 01-01-2019 is simple and clear, but I would like to know how you know this. Do you have a reference source to confirm your opinion?
  3. Yes, thank you. I had thought it possible that once I had entered the conversion for US funds for a T5 slip, it would make the conversion everywhere. But this doesn't seem to be the case. It's a curious omission in the programme that it neither does this for you nor warns that you will have to do it yourself. I bet that this conversion is often missed. UFile, are you listening? [probably not :-( ]
  4. (New edited version--the FAQ I previously quoted is not relevant because I have a T5 and reported my US dividend income there). My problem only concerns the T1135 page. I'm asked to report my US income there but there's no box for currency conversion. Do I use the US value or convert to CAD?
  5. QuebecCanuck

    Logout error

    When I use the "logout" link accessed from the cogwheel menu, I get the error message "Server error in '/' Application and "Runtime error". But when I log in again and immediately logout from the same link. the normal post-logout screen appears "Thank you for using UFile". Why does this error happen, and can I assume that when I get it I am nevertheless correctly logged out?
  6. QuebecCanuck


    Is auto-fill available for UFile? If yes, how do I turn it on? If no, shouldn't it be?
  7. I've just started entering data in UFile On-line. Is there a way to save data manually as I work? Or does it save automatically and, if so, how often?
  8. I live in Quebec and have an adult daughter studying in Ontario who transfers to my Federal return $5000 of unused tuition and education deduction. Quebec has a similar deduction but requires that the child have a RL-8 tax slip and report it on Form S. Living in Ontario, she does not receive a RL-8 nor file a Quebec return. Does this mean that I cannot claim the transfer? As it happens, when I claim the transfer on UFile for my Federal return, it automatically inserts it on the Quebec one as well. Should I let it stand, assuming that UFile knows best?
  9. I'm retired in Quebec but have a taxable benefit from my employer to report. I was sent a T4 with the amount entered in Box 14 and Box 40, with Boxes 24 and 26 showing 0. I entered this information on the T4 page and also entered the amount in the "Other Information" box, chosing RL-1[211]-Benefit relating to previous employment. So far, so good. But my calculated results show a tax credit for the same amount on line 363 ( "Canada Employment Amount"). This line is for employment-related expenses (have none, because I'm retired) so I don't think I deserve it. How do I get rid of it?
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