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  1. Yes, thank you. I had thought it possible that once I had entered the conversion for US funds for a T5 slip, it would make the conversion everywhere. But this doesn't seem to be the case. It's a curious omission in the programme that it neither does this for you nor warns that you will have to do it yourself. I bet that this conversion is often missed. UFile, are you listening? [probably not :-( ]
  2. (New edited version--the FAQ I previously quoted is not relevant because I have a T5 and reported my US dividend income there). My problem only concerns the T1135 page. I'm asked to report my US income there but there's no box for currency conversion. Do I use the US value or convert to CAD?
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    Logout error

    When I use the "logout" link accessed from the cogwheel menu, I get the error message "Server error in '/' Application and "Runtime error". But when I log in again and immediately logout from the same link. the normal post-logout screen appears "Thank you for using UFile". Why does this error happen, and can I assume that when I get it I am nevertheless correctly logged out?
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    Is auto-fill available for UFile? If yes, how do I turn it on? If no, shouldn't it be?
  5. I've just started entering data in UFile On-line. Is there a way to save data manually as I work? Or does it save automatically and, if so, how often?
  6. I live in Quebec and have an adult daughter studying in Ontario who transfers to my Federal return $5000 of unused tuition and education deduction. Quebec has a similar deduction but requires that the child have a RL-8 tax slip and report it on Form S. Living in Ontario, she does not receive a RL-8 nor file a Quebec return. Does this mean that I cannot claim the transfer? As it happens, when I claim the transfer on UFile for my Federal return, it automatically inserts it on the Quebec one as well. Should I let it stand, assuming that UFile knows best?
  7. I'm retired in Quebec but have a taxable benefit from my employer to report. I was sent a T4 with the amount entered in Box 14 and Box 40, with Boxes 24 and 26 showing 0. I entered this information on the T4 page and also entered the amount in the "Other Information" box, chosing RL-1[211]-Benefit relating to previous employment. So far, so good. But my calculated results show a tax credit for the same amount on line 363 ( "Canada Employment Amount"). This line is for employment-related expenses (have none, because I'm retired) so I don't think I deserve it. How do I get rid of it?
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