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  1. I did contact support and got the word back, very helpful. Although technically my marital status changed from separated to divorced in 2013 I don't need to note that in the questionnaire, only for the year that the change first went from married to separated. I just change my status to divorced and that solves the whole issue. Problem solved, thanks Ufile!
  2. Nevermind, its complaining now: You divorced or separated during the year but you have not entered information about your ex-spouse. Please choose the appropriate option and enter your ex-spouse's information This will enable ufile to process the right amounts for spousal deduction. I click the link and I'm back to needing a bunch of information including her income and then it's using that as a deduction for me if she made too little which I'm pretty sure she did. Ugh!
  3. Actually I figured it out I think. Not sure why it was ever there but it did let me delete that section. Solved.
  4. Yes I have my status as divorced and then in the question about did my marital status change in 2013 I entered Separated, Then Divorced. Last year when I was just separated I needed none of this info but Ufile doesn't seem to allow me not to fill it in now. So this sounds like a bug of sorts with the software.
  5. Hey, I've been separated for a few years now and finally got the divorce finalized in 2013. It's a bit tricky to gather the income information for her that Ufile is asking me, and regardless of that it seems to want to give me deductions based on her income if it's too low (which it likely is). We haven't lived together since 2011 so I don't see how this is relevant. Is this really a requirement of the CRA? And if she did make a low amount of money why am I getting a tax benefit from it?
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