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  1. joven

    Efile Error Code 2252

    No worries. Indeed, I was instructed to provide additional information, which I did today. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. joven

    Efile Error Code 2252

    Hi Gabriel, I did sent a request to support@ufile.ca, and was assigned Request# UB1542414 April 09. John of Ufile Team provided links that were not applicable to my case. I have responded by providing additional information that may be of help in resolving issue by replying to John's email same day Apr09 but have not received any response since then. I am hoping you are able to help by telling me what to do next. Thanks.
  3. I've ran in to same error. (1) Went back to Efile in Quickclick navigator: Re-selected options (2) Ran results (3) Saved taxpayer file then (4) Re-efile It worked My guess, may have and incorrect selection in efile, but correction done later wasn't saved yet, thus Efile need a refresh. Steps 1 to 4 may have forced a refresh, let me know if it work!
  4. joven

    Efile Error Code 2252

    Error 2252 states "The claim for HBP repayment at field 246 of Schedule 7 is less than the required repayment or there is an entry at field 129 for HBP repayment but no entry was made at field 5508". Taxpayer has no home buyer's plan repayment and has field 246 of schedule 7 blank. Amount in field 129 is withdrawal and commutation payments from box 22 of T4RSP with income tax withheld box 30 of $300.00. Total income line 150 includes line 129. Efile transmission results in error 2252, can anyone tell me how to correct? please. Also where is field 5508 located, what form? Thank you so much.
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