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  1. Support sent a link but it did not work....
  2. I want to verify the Netfile confirmation for a submitted 2010 tax return. I had to reinstall my 2010 from CD, activation info was retained by the computer. However, it won't show me the NetFile data for the return because it requires an update UFile 2010 update v.14.21 08/04/2011 10.1mb but the updater either hangs on trying to download UBX14011421.MSP or else displays "Unable to download file. Please try again later." Any link to where it can be found? Already asked Support@ufile.ca
  3. Yes, I spent several hours trying to work out why it was being rejected before finding this out....
  4. In case you missed Gabriel's posts and jumped to here - closed down by Revenue Canada as a precaution against a possible virus - check Revenue Canada website for updates as to when it will be back online.
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