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  1. The Ufile Request Number I got is UF529370, could you please take a look and help? Thanks a lot.
  2. Does anybody or Admin know? Since I have not got any response from here, I sent this question to Ufile Contact, no response either. I have been using Ufile for many years but now seems Ufile is going downwards, maybe it is time for me to try other products....
  3. My child (my dependent) had some tuition paid in 2015. In 2016 Ufile correctly transferred $5,000 to one parent (lower taxable income?) and there was some leftovers (less than $5,000). This year (2017) I can see the correct leftover tuition amount under my child's data, I picked "let Maxback decide" as last year, but I do not see the leftover tuition amount being used under me or my wife. The leftover amount is less than $5,000 so this year Ufile should claim it all. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot.
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