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  1. Hi I'm run my consultancy business from my home. I don't have a business phone line but 50% of my time on the personal phone is for business. How can I claim this percentage under home business deductions when everything else is at 17.5% (hydro etc)? Thanks Elliot
  2. I'm a software consultant and I don't have a web site for my consulting business. I did make one web site for another business last year and received some revenue for it. Should I use their url in the the business identification section when responding to the question: Provide the main webpage or site address(es) (also Known as URL address(es) Or is this question referring to the non-existant website for my consulting business? Same question for percentage of income derived from the website. Is if for my website or website or make for other people? In other words, do I fill in this section or not? Thanks Elliot
  3. HI I used ufile for many year but since my home business had a few changes last year (2012) I had my income tax and my wife's done by an accountant. This year I'm going to use ufile for Windows. My wife's information is mostly the same. My information has a few changes. Can I and should I import my 2011 tax file into ufile 2013? Thanks Elliot
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