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  1. But how do know whether to say Yes, No, or ignore this MaxBack control? What are the ramifications of using (or not using) it?
  2. 6. If we are to use either "Home Office Expenses" section OR "Income, expenses" sections (but not both) why are both sub-categories of "Self-employment Income"? My understanding is (was?) that "home office" is a term for people who have an employer but want to claim SOME expenses associated with using part of their home for their work, whereas "business expenses" is a term for self-employed individuals who (being self-employed) can claim many more things than those claiming office-at-home for their outside job.
  3. I have a sole proprietorship (self-employed). That is my only "job". I use exactly one-quarter of my home exclusively as my office. Of course, I claim everything as I am self-employed, not just the "home office" stuff when you have an employer. However, UFile let's you fill in both parts, unfortunately. There is no warning like, "You can't claim utilities under 'Income, expenses' because you already claimed it under 'home office expenses'. So, without such a warning, it makes it seem like you can claim that stuff in both sections, but that feels like it would be double-dipping. This makes a difference of me owing around $100, or getting a refund of around $500, so it's not a moot point. 1. Do I "Heat" under "Home Office Expenses", or "Utilities (Light & Power)" under "Income, expenses"? 2. Do I claim "Insurance" (home) under "Home Office Expenses" or "Income, expenses"? 3. Do I claim "Maintenance and Repair" under HOC or Inc Exp? 4. Do I claim "Telephone" under HOC or Inc Exp? 5. Do I claim "Property Tax" under HOC or Inc Exp? Thanks, Chris
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