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  1. My question has nothing to do with SHARES. I am a CO-OWNER of a RENTAL CONDO which we sold in 2013. Once everything was entered into the Rental section, I've discovered several PROGRAMMING ERRORS...the TOTAL CCA is allocated to both co-owners equally and can't be ADJUSTED...this ERROR has been going on for years. A similar ERROR also exists at LINE 9948-TOTAL TERMINAL LOSS....the total is again being allocated to both owners and CAN'T BE ADJUSTED between the two owners. Now that I think about it....the CAPITAL GAINS probably CAN'T be ADJUSTED to a half per owner. How
  2. My spouse and I recently sold our rental condo...everything has been entered, but the amount on LINE 9948 is the TOTAL TERMINAL LOSS and the instructions say to only enter our individual share of the amount. How do we adjust or over-ride the gross amount so it reflects only our individual shares?
  3. How do I adjust LINE 9948-Terminal Loss so it is just my share.

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