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  1. Hello! My spouse had <$1 income last year. UFile warns me that I cannot NETFILE my spouse's return unless I check "no income to report". If I check "no income", however, it flags an error because the income is not exactly zero. Either way, I cannot complete and NETFILE my spouse's return. The only way I can find to avoid the problem is to delete the <$1 income slip, but that seems illegitimate. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks!
  2. I think I'm experiencing a bug in the import of my 2013 tax return, and would like to know whether the workaround steps I've taken are appropriate. Any help would be much appreciated! In 2013, I overcontributed both to my RRSP and to my spouse's, and so I am bringing forward unused contributions in 2014. I used Ufile for Windows in both 2013 and 2014, and so I got Ufile to carry forward my u13 file to begin. Before I enter any more information, the 2014 RRSP Schedule shows my unused spousal contributions carried forward correctly, but not my own RRSP's unused contributions. I then proceed to enter my unused contributions from line (B) on my 2013 notice of assessment (a number which accounts for my overcontributions to both my and my spouse's RRSP). The RRSP Schedule then sums that number with the carried forward number, effectively double-counting my unused spousal contributions from 2013. This looks like a bug. Unfortunately, I cannot find any way to delete the carried forward spousal contribution or supply the missing carried forward RRSP contribution. My workaround is to subtract the unused spousal contribution from line (B) and enter that difference as my undeducted contributions in the "RRSP contributions, limits" form. Can anyone confirm whether what I'm seeing is a bug or my misunderstanding of how the software is intended to work? Also, have I picked a good workaround or should I try to solve this another way? Thanks!
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