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  1. When I encountered the same problem, I contacted customer support and they sent me the istructions to remove the program and the updater ONLY, not the other parts, including the Soap toolkit. I found on line a complete set of instructions and followed it BUT it still did not letr me netfile, althought the counter said I had used one return!! I called again and the new agent told me that the original email did not contain all of the removal instructions....told her I had managed to remove them anyway but no luck. she re-mail me the link and asked to try again. This time the return was rejected as, it said had already been filed and a confirmation number was provided!! So if I remove all that the agent told me to, how does the link fixes the problem if it does NOT re-install the soap 3. toolkit? Also, as I actually do have the CD, why is the soap toolkit NOT under tools????
  2. I have the CD but there is no Soap toolkit undr tools!!!! After following the instruction sent to me by support : removing program and other files and rei-stalling from link, received the same message but then it said that file had been received!!! question... do I need the soap toolkit? because when I followed that link there was no soap 3,0 toolkit re-install why is the toolkit NOT under tools on the CD version???
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