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  1. I noticed online, when entering an amount from Box J on Releve 1, that the ufile claims the amount is a benefit, which is included in Box A. This is correct, as it is the amount paid to a private health plan by the employer on behalf of the employee. But ufile also claims it is a medical expense deduction and will be added to medical expenses. This isn't correct in my case. Luckily it doesn't add it anyway. I do have a box 235 on the Releve 1, that is the amount that should be used for the medical expenses. There was no option to add this box to my Releve 1. I did have the option to add the amount in Box 85 on my T4, which correctly added the amount to my medical expenses. It was all confusing.
  2. I am a Quebec resident working in Ontario. When I add a T4 in Ufile Online I select the T4 for a Quebec resident working outside the province. The problem I have, is my employer has deducted for QPP (Box 17) and I am not asked for this on the aforementioned T4. I assume my employer deducted QPP so I wouldn't get hit at the end of the year for it. Is there a workaraound for this situation? So I can enter this amount. I've tried adding another T4 as if I worked in Quebec, and entering just the QPP (Box 17) in that T4, but Ufile complains, errors, etc..
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