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  1. I have the following problem. We completed taxes in March and sent it using Netfile. CRA still did not issue NOA. I now started to review the taxes and found that one income was doubled (two identical T4 in Interview section). Now I don't know if this mistake happened AFTER we sent the Netfile or BEFORE. We remember that it was correct when we sent and Tax Return was different from what we see now. Unfortunately, this return was not save in .pdf. What can we do? How to see the actual tax return we sent? Thank you.
  2. Hi! Could you please explain what CNIL means and where these numbers came from? I have tried to play with these numbers, just put different figures but it doesn't change anything in the result. (Sorry I was not able to attach a screenshot of this page) Also I'd like to ask about loan expenses. I took a loan (mortgage) from a bank and invested it into some stock. I'd like to use the interest which I paid to the bank for deduction to reflect my actual profit from the stock. But I cannot figure out where I should enter this deduction Any help will be highly appreciated!
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